Dinex also has a game scheduled in 2012 which will simultaneously take place after every consecutive year. Here all the shooters will be invited who are part of the Dinex club. These games are held during the month August when life is at its best. 

With monsoons leading to wild Nilgais running around. The grass acts as a camouflage for them thereby tempting us to use all our basic instincts at the best. All get a chance to act as a professional hunter. Also takes place trap shooting, 25m short range, 50m long range etc.


  1. With our R&D centre scheduled to be ready by early next year we plan to make the most sophisticated shotguns in the world. Also coming up is the institute for educating all the people involved in gunsmithing. 

    Dinex holds long term associations with NRA, Delhi shooters association, Dehradun Rifle Association, The Army Traders, Narendra powder.